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Katy Dental Experts Explains Veneers and Laminates

Katy Dental Experts Explains Veneers and Laminates

Katy Dental Experts Explains Veneers and Laminates

Oral hygiene is important but some people do not pay attention to it. Your teeth must be attractive as they represent who you are. Unhygienic mouth and stained teeth deliver your negative image. How can you enhance your smile? Different methods can be used to make your teeth look more attractive. Among the long list of methods, dental veneers and laminates are the most recommended ones. You can find out all the details of the two methods if you scroll down.

What Are Dental Veneers

To protect your teeth, dental veneers near you are most recommended. Thin plastics films are manufactured that fit the shape of your teeth. These films adhere to the teeth and your teeth are protected. The appearance of your mouth is enhanced with dental veneers.

What Are Laminates

Laminates are another kind of veneer. According to Mosby’s Dental Dictionary, laminate veneers are aesthetic restorations for treating discolored, misaligned, and deformed teeth.

Why Do I need These Treatments

Following are some reasons that demand laminates or veneers:

      • Chipped teeth
      • Cracked teeth
      • Broken teeth
      • Misaligned teeth
      • Discolored teeth
      • Or any other deformation of teeth

What Is the Procedure to Get Dental Veneers and Laminates

The procedure for getting dental veneers in Katy, TX is quite simple. You do not need multiple visits to the dentist. Just two visits and you will have the best smile. Here is what you can expect during the treatment.

Your dentist will ask for an x-ray of your denture. This will help the dentist to identify any other serious problems. Veneers cannot treat tooth decay or gum infection. If you have any of these issues, the x-ray can clear things out. You can have the issues treated first. If not, the dentist will move on with the process.

Now that your teeth are clean, the dentist will numb your mouth. After anesthetizing the mouth, teeth will be shaped if needed. Shaping your teeth may hurt that is why local anesthesia is used to numb the area first. The right shape of your teeth will ensure accurate laminates in Katy, TX.

The shape of your teeth will be sent to the laboratory. It takes about two to three weeks for the veneers to be ready for placement. You will have an appointment scheduled as needed.

On your last visit, laminates or veneers will be available. Your teeth will be etched to make the surface of the teeth rough, as they stick better. The dentist will place them temporarily to match the color of the veneers. Once the size and color match, laminates or veneers will be permanently placed. The dentist will shape the veneers accordingly. A beam of light will be used to adhere the film to perfection.

Do Laminates and Veneers Have Other Benefits?

Yes, you can enjoy several other benefits after getting any of these tremendous techniques. Here are a few. Check them out.

Your appearance is completely changed after getting veneers. Any deformity is camouflaged. The discoloration stays hidden. Your smile gets more attractive and so does the overall appearance.

You are more confident about your personality. Since the perfect smile is back with you, you are confident around people. Teenagers feel insecure if their smile is not attractive. It gives them the confidence to roam around without any complex.

Only one treatment and you can treat several other problems as well. Laminates in Katy, TX is a single solution to several problems. Do not visit the clinic and get different treatments.

You will not have to bear any pain during the treatment. The only pain you feel is when the dentist injects anesthesia. The pain or sensation is bearable. Other than that, you enjoy a painless treatment.

There are no special aftercare tips for the veneers. You must follow the regular oral hygiene routine you have. After successful completion of the treatment, you can enjoy as much as you can. There are no strict restrictions on eating habits as well.

Katy Dental Experts provide dental veneers at Katy, TX under a controlled and satisfying environment. There are no hassles for the appointments. Our staff is friendly and welcoming. Additionally, our dentists will make sure that you are relaxed during and after the treatment. Contact us now to help you with your veneers and laminates.

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