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Why Is My Dental Crown Loose?

Why Is My Dental Crown Loose?

You are probably wondering why your dental crown is loose. Dental crowns can become loose for many reasons. This blog post will go over some tips to help you keep your teeth healthy and make sure that any issues with your dental work are fixed. 

Crown is Old

Crowns typically last between 10 to 12 years before the material begins breaking down. This is a normal occurrence and can be fixed during your next visit with our friendly dentist who will examine it for any damage or areas that need repair. 

If there are only minor damages, they may simply re-cement them in place – but if you’re experiencing larger issues like chipping of some teeth or fractures on the edge then we’ll likely recommend installing an entirely new crown.

Tooth Decay

In some cases, a loose crown could be due to tooth decay. If someone has poor oral hygiene and food particles accumulate under the crown or on the root surface of their teeth, they can experience sensitivity discomfort from time to time as well as chronic pain. 

Luckily for them, it is an easy fix that ends up being more advantageous than painful because if left unchecked cavities grow larger over time which leads to much bigger problems in your mouth such as infection!

Poorly Fitted Crown

Dental cement is not the only thing that holds a crown in place. It can be knocked loose if it was incorrectly placed and/or even just nudged out of position while cementing sets around it. 

You will know your crown has become loose when you notice something different about how your tooth feels after being examined by an oral surgeon, such as more pain or itching than normal for up to two weeks following a visit to the dental office.

Damaged Crown

It’s not just the mouth that can be affected by injury. It is possible to lose teeth because of a car accident, for instance. 

One way this happens is when loose dental restorations like crowns are knocked off after an incident and there wasn’t the time or access to have them reattached before they fell out

Consuming Too Many Sticky Food

Refrain from eating any type of sugary gums or candies as they are known to weaken tooth enamel while at work or school where there is an increased likelihood that someone might bump into our teeth with their objects such as pens and pencils causing potential damage.

Can a Loose Crown Be Repaired?

Depending on the severity of damages to your tooth, a loose dental crown can be repaired relatively quickly by your dentist

Once they have examined and determined that you require such repairs, they will begin with repairing or re-cementing any lost cement to ensure it stays securely fastened for long-term use.

This process may take anywhere from one visit up to ten visits depending on the extent of damage done. Call us today at (832) 321-5799 to book an appointment with our licensed dentist.

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