3 Tips to Ease Pain from Braces

3 Tips to Ease Pain from Braces

Jan 30, 2018

To get the straight teeth required for our dream smile, braces are often a necessity. While incredibly important, they can sometimes require time to get accustomed to them. The brackets and methods of cleaning can take a bit to learn. Sometimes there is also unavoidable pain that can result from adjustments or your mouth getting used to the braces. Since your teeth are technically being slowly moved into a new position, it is understandable that there may be some pain when the orthodontist has is tightening the braces, but that does not mean that you have to suffer. There are many ways to ease the discomfort of braces.

Use a Salt Water Mouth Rinse

The tightening of the braces can sometimes cause small sores on the gums or inner cheek. Swishing around warm saltwater in your mouth helps to alleviate the irritation or inflammation and lessen the chances of the sores getting larger.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

Pain threshold is different for all people. The pain associated with braces can be dull and barely noticeable for some but cause more pain for others that can limit their ability to eat or talk easily. An over-the-counter pain medication, taken according to the directions or advisement of your orthodontist, is a successful way to ease the pain.

Use an Ice Pack

The first day of getting your braces or after your first adjustment can be extremely irritating. The shock to the gums can cause inflammation and irritation. Using an ice pack applied to the outside of the mouth can help ease the pain and lower the swelling. For more direct relief, try sucking on a piece of ice.
By following the aforementioned methods of easing the pain, many small issues should be alleviated. However, if pain continues or seems to be increasing, it is always best to call your orthodontist or dentist and let them know.

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