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The Occlusal Guard: Should I Wear One?

The Occlusal Guard: Should I Wear One?

Over 30 million people suffer each day with bruxism. Bruxism is when you grind and clench your teeth. Katy Dental Experts provides high-quality treatment options for patients who suffer from bruxism. One of those options is an occlusal guard. An occlusal guard protects your jaw and teeth. It helps to avoid grinding your teeth and is typically worn at night. Read on to learn more about occlusal guards and see if it is an option for your smile.

What are they made of and how long will they last?

Occlusal guards vary based on the extent of your bruxism. Your dentist may recommend a guard made of hard, clear acrylic or you may need a soft material one. They are designed for the upper and lower sets of teeth. The harshness of your grinding and clenching will determine how long your occlusal guards will last. You may need to replace them often if you are a heavy grinder.

Caring for Your Occlusal Guard

Eating and drinking anything other than water while using your occlusal guard will discolor your guard. Brush and rinse your guard with cold water each day to keep it lasting. Toothpaste is not recommended as it will scratch the surface of your guard. Rinsing your occlusal guard with hot water may change the shape of it.

Cost of Custom-Made Occlusal Guards

Investing in a custom-made occlusal guard is the best option to protect your oral health. The price may vary based on different dentists. Talk to your dentist at Katy Dental Experts to see how much custom made occlusal guard will cost based on your unique smile. Make an appointment with us today and start the path to a better smile!

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