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Why Dentures Perform Better with Dental Implants

Why Dentures Perform Better with Dental Implants

Millions of Americans rely on dentures for a proper bite function and to restore their confidence. They allow an individual to chew, speak, and bite easily. Unfortunately, dentures do have their limitations and negatives. Dentures cannot restore stimulation to the jaw bone or allow the bone to change its shape as time goes on. Our dentists at Katy Dental Experts in the Katy, TX area recommend dental implants in Katy along with dentures. Why do dentures perform better with dental implants? Read on to find out!

Replacing Lost Teeth with Dentures

Our dentists provide patients with natural looking and comfortable feeling dentures. These dentures closely resemble your tooth’s natural enamel. Partial dentures are another option for missing teeth. They allow your dentist to provide your smile with dentures where it is needed in your mouth. Complete dentures replace the whole row of your upper or lower teeth.

Ensuring Your New Smile’s Success

Both complete and partial implants can easily slide around your teeth and shift around in your mouth. This is caused by your jawbone shrinking due to your missing teeth. Dental implants provide your dentures with a solid foundation that they can thrive on. It prevents your jaw from further erosion and also gives you further confidence in using your dentures without fear that they will move around while speaking or eating. If you are looking for a more comfortable solution, then look in dental implants for your dentures.

To learn more about the benefits of implant dentures, we welcome you to contact one of our dentists at Katy Dental Experts in Texas. It just takes a simple step to get on the path to a better and rewarding smile. Call our clinic today to set up your next consultation with a member of our team!

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