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Should I Wear an Occlusal Guard?

Should I Wear an Occlusal Guard?

Occlusal guards resemble the shape of a horseshoe, they’re made of plastic, and they’re worn over the top of the teeth to protect them from any damage done when clenching or grinding. This guard creates a literal and physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth. many people are unaware of the fact that they clench or grind their teeth at night while they sleep, so the dentist will recommend the occlusal guard be worn at night only. In the following article, we will discuss exactly what the occlusal guard does, whether or not you should wear one, and how it can have positive effects on your day-to-day life.

What Is It Made Of And How Long Will It Last?

Most occlusal guards are made of hard, clear acrylic. Some dentists may recommend a soft based acrylic depending on your particular needs. Over time though your occlusal guard can become discolored, even though it doesn’t affect the functionality aspect of this dental appliance. The occlusal guard longevity is primarily based on the severity of your grinding. If you are a severe grinder yourself, you may need to replace your occlusal guard more often than others.

Care of Your Guard

It’s important that while wearing your guard you don’t drink or eat anything other than water. Anything other than water can discolor your guard. After removing your occlusal guard in the morning, be sure to brush it with your toothbrush and rinse it with cold water. Don’t use toothpaste while cleaning it as most pastes can have abrasive in it that can scratch the services of the guards.

Cost of Custom Made Occlusal Guards

A custom-made occlusal guard can vary from dentist to dentist in terms of price. Overall the investment is worse preventing your teeth from becoming damaged. Without the use of an occlusal guard, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in the future used to repair the damage that’s been done to your teeth.

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