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Extending the Life of Your Fillings

Extending the Life of Your Fillings

Have you ever had a dental filling? According to Dental Experts in Katy, It has been estimated that 9 out of 10 people in the U.S. experience cavity at some or other point in their life so the chances of getting dental fillings are quite good.

Most people believe that once the filling is placed in the cavity, they need not worry about the tooth again. What people need to know is that while the dental fillings Katy can last for a long time, they can’t last forever. It is said that you can extend the life of fillings for protecting the teeth.

How Long Does the Filling Last?

Studies have shown that composite resin i.e. the Tooth Colored Fillings done in Katy, TX, lasts for approximately 10 years on an average. It is as good as the life of an amalgam/ metal filling. However, in case you have a large cavity and require extensive restoration, your dentist will discuss and suggest options that will include onlay, inlay, and crown.

Tips to Keep the Fillings Healthy:

      • The first and most important tip is to brush your teeth twice daily along with flossing and tongue scraping so that you can maintain optimum oral hygiene.
      • The next tip is to visit the dentist at least twice a year for examination and cleaning. During the examination, the dentist will see if you need fillings or any other dental procedure.
      • You also need to limit the intake of food items and drinks that stain your teeth because just like natural enamel, the composite resin can get stained and discolored. And, they won’t respond to teeth whitening treatments as enamel does.
      • Smoking can stain your restorations just like your teeth along with leading to gum diseases which will expose the roots and make them prone to decay.
      • Eating a healthy diet can also help as it promotes healthy teeth and gums.
      • Avoid consuming sugary food items to avoid developing cavities.
      • If you experience any sensitivity or discomfort in the site around the filling, contact your dentist immediately.
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