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How a Moldable Mouth Guard Protects Teeth in Sports?

How a Moldable Mouth Guard Protects Teeth in Sports?

In different kinds of sports, athletes have to wear different kinds of safety accessories. The sporting activities, where a lot of physical activities are involved, use of safety gears is important. An injury in sports can be career ending for a potentially fine athlete. Nevertheless, the injuries can be life threatening. In most of the cases, safety is required for head and mouth areas. This is the most delicate and important part of the body. Thus, to save head and mouth, different accessories are used. Moldable mouth guard is such an accessory which is simple yet crucial for every sportsperson. Mouth guard protects your teeth. When heavy objects hit the face, teeth are damaged. They can be broken or ruptured. Delicate jaw bone can also be misplaced due to strong hitting. In order to avoid such dire consequences, Katy Dental Experts suggest the use of mouth guards to the athletes.

Protection of the Dental Guards

In body contact games or sporting events, it is important to use mouth guard for protecting teeth. Dental guards can prevent dental injuries to a large extent. A strong hit on the mouth can cause severe damages to your teeth. The jaw bone can be misplaced and teeth alignment can become improper. Nevertheless, teeth can be broken or roots can get weak due to a solid blow on the teeth. This is why dentists always recommend the mouth guard to the sportsperson. In sports, like boxing, football, baseball, basketball and many more, one can easily find the use of the dental guards.

Moldable vs. Preformed Dental Guard

When it comes to buying mouth guards, people have two common choices. First of all, you can get preformed mouth guards at the shops. However, they have some drawbacks. Everyone has unique mouth structure and dental alignment. This is why preformed mouth guard may not get set inside the mouth properly. As a result, protection will not be optimum. For better protection, one should go for the moldable dental guards. Choosing custom dental mouth guard by dentists at Katy Dental Experts is always advantageous. It will give better protection, as it will be made according to shape of your mouth.

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