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Five Surprising Facts about Cavities

Five Surprising Facts about Cavities

Oral health hygiene is very important for overall health. When you ignore some essential tips of oral health like brushing, flossing and avoiding extra sugary food, it may lead to cavities. Cavity is a general oral problem caused by germs but it can be avoided with essential tips.

Cavities are caused by infectious germs

Cavities are generally caused due to germs and if not treated at right time, it may spread to your near and dear ones. Sharing the same utensils, foods and kisses can spread these germs and thus cause cavities. If you are pregnant, it is high time you get cavity treatment so that germs of cavity do not get into a child.

Snacking too frequently can cause cavities

It is not always that high sugary snacks or high carb food are to be blamed for cavities. Intake of snacks quite frequently throughout the day can also increase the effect of cavity germs. Every time you eat something sweet, the germs remain behind your mouth which multiplies to develop an acid. This can affect mouth, resulting in cavities.

Even “healthy” foods can lead to decay

Many believed that energy drinks and chocolate bars are good for teeth but this is not true. Cavities may be caused due to extra sweet or chewy food. It is thus better to intake healthy food such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, water and nuts.

Over your lifetime, a cavity costs more than $2,000

If cavities exceed, the treatments become quite essential but with right and healthy snacking and eating habits, this can be prevented. It is always better to go for regular checkups. You can also use fluoride toothpaste with suggestion from dentists near you. Right care helps you stay away from cavity and thus it could also help you save the amount you would have spent for treatment cost.

Just by taking right care of your mouth and maintaining appropriate oral health and hygiene, you can say no to cavity for lifetime. It is important to get regular checkup for identifying cavity at right time.

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