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Why a Root Canal Treatment Shouldn’t Be Avoided?

Why a Root Canal Treatment Shouldn’t Be Avoided?

Has the mere recommendation of undergoing root canal treatment sent canals of shivers down your spine. You are probably unfamiliar with the procedure and are therefore fearful or uneasy. The root canal has acquired a notorious reputation of being painful, causing illness, and making you spend a hefty sum of money at the dentist’s office. Thankfully none of them are true because the inconvenience, pain, and the cost of avoiding root canal treatment in favor of extraction are better avoided by accepting the recommendation of the dentist.

It can be accepted that the reputation of root canals can cause fear even in the most daring individual. However, the reputation is based on misconceptions and that nothing close to what the treatment really is. Let us put your mind at ease by dispelling your fears to confirm why the treatment shouldn’t be avoided.

Root Canal Treatment Is Not Painful

Decades ago when the lack of modern technology and anesthetics made the root canal procedure painful. However, things have changed dramatically over the last years with the improvements in technology and anesthetics making the procedure just as painful as a routine filling. The pain you feel is from the damaged tissues in the tooth which can be remedied easily by an endodontist who will remove the infected pulp by the treatment. Additionally, endodontists are experts in managing pain and most cases will be treated quickly and comfortably.

Illnesses Will Be Caused by the Root Canal

You may find information over the Internet or from other sources stating that if you undergo a root canal therapy in Katy, TX, you are likely to contract illnesses or disease. Nothing could be farther than the truth. The claim is made by research that was designed poorly and conducted a century ago when modern medicine hadn’t understood the causes of many diseases. No valid or scientific evidence is available to link the root canal treatment to disease anywhere in the body. Therefore you can rest assured you will be free from illnesses as well as the pain you are suffering from just because you are not following the recommendation made by Katy dental experts in Katy, TX.

Extracting a Tooth Is Better Than Having a Root Canal Treatment

Preserving your natural teeth if possible is the goal of every dentist or endodontist. Artificial restorations can never substitute the looks or the function of a natural tooth. Therefore if you are recommended root canal treatment in Katy, TX, you should consider it as an option to save your tooth rather than to extract it. The success rate of endodontic treatment is his high and many teeth that have undergone the treatment last for a lifetime.

Extracting the tooth is an option at your disposal which is better avoided because replacing the extracted tooth with dental bridges or implants will require additional time in the treatment and may endure the adjacent teeth and supporting tissue to further procedures. The costs of the restorations will be higher than the cost of having a root canal treatment. Therefore, it is suggested that you follow the advice of the dentists that recommended the treatment to you rather than consider other options.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Your dentist would in every likelihood have referred you to an endodontist that specializes in treating conditions inside the tooth. He or she will administer anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth before creating a small opening in the crown to gain access to the canals. The goal of the endodontist will be to remove the infected pulp and to disinfect the tooth before filling it with gutta-percha temporarily. The procedure will be completed in one or two sittings.

After the completion of the root canal therapy, you will be required to return to your dentist again to have a crown over the tooth which would have been rendered fragile by the treatment. The crown will be placed by the dentist after having one created especially for you. The placement of the crown will ensure your tooth has the protection it needs and is restored to its original functionality to last you for a lifetime. As you return home after the treatment you can continue with your regular oral hygiene habits but try to avoid smoking because it can cause adverse risks.

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