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What Is An Oral Thrush?

What Is An Oral Thrush?

Oral thrush is a common fungal infection that manifests as white patches on the tongue and can be seen in people with poor dental hygiene. It’s important to get oral thrush treated promptly because it can lead to other more serious complications, like esophageal candidiasis or even HIV if untreated for long periods. 

This post will discuss what an oral thrush is and how you can prevent one from happening. 

What Causes Oral Thrush?

Thrush can be triggered by a variety of factors, including existing medical conditions and poor oral health – so make sure you’re brushing twice daily to prevent this from happening.


The effectiveness of antibiotics has the potential to do more harm than good. This is due in large part because these drugs kill off not only harmful bacteria but also some harmless ones as well. What’s worse? Your body becomes weaker and vulnerable after taking them!

Even though they are effective at fighting an illness like a bacterial infection, people who take antibiotics risk developing thrush symptoms that come from weakened immune systems creating a perfect environment for Candida fungus to thrive.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common condition that may stem from insufficient saliva production. This increases the risk of oral thrush, which can lead to bacterial infection and inflammation of soft tissues around the throat or tongue.

Poor Oral Hygiene

If you use the same toothbrush for years, the fungus could build up and lead to oral thrush. It is recommended that one should change their toothbrushes or brush tips every three months at least to keep bacteria from spreading too far into your mouth.

Pregnancy and Yeast Infections

Pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing oral candidiasis. This is due to extreme changes in hormones. If she has an infection with yeast while giving birth, the same can happen during labor for her baby as well!

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Diabetics who neglect to monitor their blood sugar are at a greater risk of developing yeast infections, but that is easily avoidable. By simply eating carefully and checking your glucose levels on an hourly basis you can prevent this from happening.

How to Prevent Oral Thrush?

The best way to prevent thrush is by practicing good oral hygiene. Children and adults should brush their teeth at least twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, visit the dentist every six months for teeth cleanings, or use mouthwash on an as-needed basis. Eating unsweetened yogurt can also help reduce symptoms of candida infections if taken daily.

Thrush is a common infection that can be resolved easily with the right treatment from a reputable dental clinic. If you’re experiencing symptoms, call your dentist before it gets worse and becomes more serious!

This condition typically resolves within two weeks but in rare cases might take up to 2 months (severe cases). Call Katy Dental Experts today at (832) 321-5799 so we can help make sure this doesn’t become an issue!

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