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5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

5 Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Has the dentist in Katy recommended you to go for a root canal treatment? Are you sceptical about getting it? Mere mention of a root canal treatment can make people anxious because of the several myths associated with root canal.

Root canal is in fact helpful in getting rid of the pain caused by the tooth decay. When the pulp inside the tooth gets infected, the root canal procedure is used for removing it and restoring the health of the tooth. If left untreated, the infection can spread and you may also lose the tooth.

Here’s a Look at Some Common Myths about Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal treatment is painful.

If you are thinking of how painful is a root canal, then rest assure as root canal is pain free. In fact, it relieves the pain because the decayed pulp is removed from the tooth which is the source of pain. Root canals are not how they used to be few years ago as the advanced equipment’s and technology along with sedation have made the root canal treatment almost painless.

Root canal procedure requires several visits to the dental clinic.

How long does a root canal take? Well some people believe that tooth extraction is better as it’s quicker but extraction needs to be followed by the placement of an implant which makes the treatment time consuming and costly. Root canal treatment usually needs 1 to 3 visits which depend on the condition of the tooth.

A root canal “kills” the tooth.

A root canal cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth and allows it to heal. It does not kill the tooth.

Root canal procedure is not very successful.

Root canal procedures have almost 95% success rate when treated by an experienced endodontist. If the tooth and surrounding gums are kept healthy, the natural tooth can last a life time without further therapy.

Root canal treatment causes illness

This is an absolute and poorly designed research which took place almost a century ago. There is no valid evidence supporting the research. The root canal is done for removing bad bacteria from infected part of mouth and prevents re-infection.

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