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How Important Are Baby Teeth?

How Important Are Baby Teeth?

How Important Are Baby Teeth?

Although “baby teeth” are temporary, they are actually extremely important for early development and the future of your child’s oral health. Unfortunately, there are many parents that believe there is no point in taking care of their child’s baby teeth due to the fact they will just “lose them anyway.” But did you know that your child’s baby teeth will help them nourish themselves, speak correctly and even determine how permanent teeth erupt?

Typically, baby teeth erupt around the same time that your child’s dietary needs start to develop. Around six months of age, breastfeeding is no longer adequate as your child’s only meal, and solid food needs to be introduced. As you introduce different foods, their ability to chew will become better. Baby teeth are needed in order to properly chew and consume foods so that your baby will have a balanced and healthy diet.

Importance of Baby Teeth Care

Although baby teeth will eventually fall out to make way for permanent teeth, they are still a very important part of development. Not only do baby teeth help our children eat properly and obtain nutrition needed, but they also help with learning to speak correctly. Recent studies have also shown that damaged or missing baby teeth can result in permanent teeth coming in crooked (resulting in orthodontic treatment being necessary down the road).

Caring for Your Baby’s Teeth

Now that we have explained the importance of caring for your baby’s teeth, here are some tips for ensuring you care for them properly:

      • Do not put them down to sleep with a bottle.
      • Begin “brushing” (the gums) even before teeth start to erupt!
      • Begin flossing once two teeth have erupted.
      • Visit our Katy pediatric dental office before they turn 1.

Have additional questions regarding your child’ dental health? Don’t hesitate to contact Katy Dental Experts today! We’d be happy to answer any pediatric dentistry questions you may have.

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