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What are the hidden causes of tooth decay in small children?

What are the hidden causes of tooth decay in small children?

What are the hidden causes of tooth decay in small children?

Tooth decay is not the only problem of adults; kids are also suffering from it. Tooth decay develops due to cavities which create a hole in teeth. These holes grow bigger which might lead to severe oral health problems. Tooth decay is increasing in the children; you need to be extra careful with your kid’s oral health.

Katy Dental Experts says due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals, teeth are not stronger and healthy which leads to the tooth decay.

Here are the hidden causes of tooth decay-

      • Consumption of sugary and starchy foods

Consumption of juices and carbohydrates, get broken down into sugar and that sugar causes tooth decay. Do not give your kids-

        • Packaged and artificial flavored juices
        • White bread and fried foods

Dentist in Katy suggests make your kids eat less sugary food and naturally & freshly squeezed juices.

      • Intake of fizzy drinks and sticky foods

Soda pop destroys teeth’s enamel which leads to tooth decay. These drinks contain carbonation and phosphorus that are harmful to children’s teeth.

Toffees, jelly beans, etc. are the foods which contain a high amount of sugar. Besides their excessive sugar content, they get to stick to children’s teeth which results in tooth decay.

      • Building up of bacteria

Children put things in their mouth which they shouldn’t especially when they’re toddlers. They don’t wash their hands regularly and bacteria from their hands go into their teeth and gum. This ultimately leads to the development of tooth decay.

      • Proper oral hygiene is not enforced

Kids aren’t aware of brushing and flossing their teeth regularly. Family dentist in Katy asks parents to teach their children about the importance of dental care. They should encourage proper oral hygiene among kids that will help them to keep their mouth clean.

Expert dental say first apply it on you of brushing teeth two times in a day. This will make kids follow.

Improper intake of food causes a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Visit a pediatric dentist near you to ensure the safety of your children dental problems.

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