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Gum Disease: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

Gum Disease: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

Gum Disease: Signs, Symptoms & Treatments

Do you have swollen gums? Is your mouth giving a bad breath? Have you noticed blood coming out from your gums when you brush your teeth? If your answer is yes, then it’s a matter of concern. Above mentioned all are few symptoms of gum disease.

More about Gum Disease, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Gum disease medically referred as periodontal disease or periodontitis is a kind of infection that initiates with the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Gum disease if not taken care seriously may results into constant pain, sensitivity, swelling, and redness in the gum surrounding your teeth.

Causes of Gum Disease:

The contributing factors giving rise to this chronic dental problem include:

      • Inadequate Oral hygiene
      • Poor diet and deficiency of nutrients
      • Organic changes in the mouth
      • Certain hormonal changes
      • Patient’s medical condition
      • A person who is ill, diabetic or have severe heart issues
      • Saliva Flow Inhibitors
      • Poor Functional Habits

Gum Disease sounds scary. However, taking timely precautions like brushing regularly, using mouthwash, opting dental check-ups can help to prevent and cure gum diseases.

Advance treatment gum disease

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the issues related with the structure supporting teeth. If gum disease is advanced, periodontics offers certain treatment procedures to help you heal your gums soon. These advance treatments may include:

      • Tissue Regeneration: If your gum inflammation is severe and resulted into bone damage, then to strengthen the structure and functionality of your gums, professional gum disease treatment expert might suggest you to go for tissue regeneration therapy.
      • Pocket Elimination Surgery: It includes reshaping your jaw bone to eliminate the gaps that might have lodged bacteria leading to gum disease.
      • Laser Therapy: It helps in restoring the damages gum tissues.

Based on the severity of gum infection and one’s budget, periodontics can offer treatment and medications. If you are also facing constant pain and swollen gums, it’s time to seek professional help. Go for an initial diagnosis to detect and cure your gum infections.

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