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What Kind of Protection Should a Sports Mouth Guard Provide?

What Kind of Protection Should a Sports Mouth Guard Provide?

What Kind of Protection Should a Sports Mouth Guard Provide?

Mouthguards have been used by sports persons for almost a century and were initially introduced by the boxing fraternity. A mouthguard is made from natural rubber that has been hollowed and trimmed to fit over the maxillary dentition and was used as a method of preventing chipped or broken teeth. Mouthguards available earlier were not adapted to the teeth and therefore had to be clenched to retain the mouthguard in place making it difficult for the wearer to breathe. These types of stock mouthguards can still be purchased although the materials for making them have changed from rubber to ethylene-vinyl acetate. Most stores and sports shops are selling these mouthguards and are at times recommended to sportspersons by dentists.

Stock mouthguards offer a low level of protection to the wearer as it also has the danger of becoming dislodged and obstructing air passage to cause asphyxiation. Sportspersons are suggested to refrain from wearing these mouthguards.

What Kind of Mouthguards Should Be Preferred by Sports Persons?

The risk of an injury to the mouth exists in all types of contact sports. The injuries could lead to the loss of teeth or even damage soft tissue in the mouth. Sportspersons involved in activities like boxing, football, baseball, skating, and even gymnastics are preferring to use mouthguards to safeguard themselves from the problems they will undoubtedly face in the event of an impact to their mouth’s. Many are opting for stock mouthguards that do not provide the level of protection desired when they should be considering a custom-made mouthguard from a dentist. Sportspersons are perhaps considering the higher prices charged by dentists as a deterrent when choosing stock mouthguards for themselves.

Stock Mouthguards Are Inexpensive but Are They Effective?

Sportspersons must understand that despite stock mouthguards being affordable and offering lower protection than custom made mouthguards they aren’t effective in providing the kind of protection needed. Perhaps the individuals are only considering the costs of the mouthguard without taking into account the expenses they will have to incur to repair damages to their mouths after an accident. A knocked-out tooth will cost thousands of dollars in restorations alone without considering the time spent at the dentist’s office for the treatment needed. Therefore, these individuals should avoid stock mouthguards and look for custom-made mouthguards that can be provided by a dentist which will offer them adequate protection.

A Sports Mouth Guard Is Better Developed by a Dental Professional

Some dentists may be recommending the use of stock mouthguards to sports persons despite the knowledge that the protection offered is not adequate. However, some like sports mouth guard at Katy, TX, do not recommend stock mouthguards but instead advise sports persons to contact them for a custom-made mouthguard that will be developed in a dental laboratory.

The dental care experts at this clinic will obtain an impression of the mouth from the sportsperson before sending it to the laboratory to be developed. The sports mouth guard will be made from a thermoplastic material by heating it in a pressure or vacuum forming machine and when it has softened it will be placed over the impression. Air pressure is applied to adapt the soft material to the impression provided by the dentist.

sports mouth guard in Katy, TX can offer better protection than the stock variety and perhaps save the individual thousands of dollars in dental care which they would be exposed to if unfortunate enough to become involved in an accident. This is the type of mouthguard sportspersons must be choosing over the commonly available stock mouthguards.

Are Custom-Made Sports Mouth Guards Essential?

This kind of sporting activity the individual is involved in will determine whether a custom-made sports mouth guard will be essential or not. However, these appliances offer better protection against injuries of all types because they have been developed to fit the individual perfectly which is not the case with most stock mouthguards. Mouthguards should be an essential part of sporting gear but having a custom-fitted mouthguard is always better than one that does not fit appropriately.

Sportspeople must decide whether they are prepared to spend a higher figure for dental care or rather prefer to prevent dental care for injuries with the help of a sports mouth guard in Katy, TX.

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