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Can You Ignore Tooth Replacement Solutions like Dental Implants?

Can You Ignore Tooth Replacement Solutions like Dental Implants?

Can You Ignore Tooth Replacement Solutions like Dental Implants?

Whether you lose a single tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, you will be confronted with a decision about whether you should have them replaced with dental implants or not. The choice is entirely at your discretion, and you are the only one who can decide how you want to replace the missing teeth.

Three options will be available to you as teeth replacement solutions. You can either select removable appliances like dentures (complete or partial), opt for fixed dental bridges, or consider a permanent solution like dental implants. The prices of the solutions need to be considered carefully because dentures are the most affordable, while dental implants near you are expensive.

Why Mustn’t You Ignore the Replacement Solutions like Dental Implants?

The primary function of dental implants is to replace missing teeth, but areas exist where dental implants can help in other dental procedures. Dental implants are stable and are useful for supporting a removable denture to provide a secure and comfortable fit. They can also act as temporary anchorage devices to help move your teeth to a position desired if you are undergoing orthodontic treatments. As you have lost some or all your teeth due to decay or gum disease, you can have dental implants as replacements that are stable and comfortable.

When you lose one or several teeth from your mouth, it affects your eating and speaking abilities resulting in a lack of nutrition and difficulties pronouncing certain words. Gaps in your mouth make it challenging for you to smile because you are embarrassed. Your existing teeth also begin shifting position into the spaces created by the missing teeth. All the above and expose you to various problems that must be prevented with teeth replacement solutions like dental implants or any other.

What Is the Process for Getting Dental Implants?

During your consultation with dental implants near Katy, TX, your mouth will be visually examined by the oral surgeon while also looking at dental imaging studies with the use of CT scans, x-rays, and panoramic films. The quality of your jawbone is assessed to determine whether more bone must be supplemented at the site. After establishing the dental implants that can be inserted in the desired location, you will be asked to return for the surgical procedures for the placements.

Surgery for dental implants is usually performed under local anesthesia to numb the surgical area, but if you are anxious and need other medications to reduce your anxiety, the oral surgeon and provide sedation dentistry or general anesthesia during the procedure.

If you have adequate bone and are prepared for the surgery, the dental implant, which is a titanium post, is inserted into the jawbone by using specialized tools. A healing cap is placed over the implant, and the gum is sutured to begin the healing process.

2 to 6 months are needed for the healing process to complete and the implant to integrate with the bone. It is essential to avoid stressing the dental implant during the healing process. You must schedule follow-up appointments with the dentist to ensure no infections exist.

The dental implant is tested after the recovery process to determine whether it has successfully integrated with the jawbone. The implant will be connected with a prosthetic component after confirming it has embedded firmly. The part called abutments serves as the replacement crown, which is the artificial teeth replacement that fits in your mouth.

Are Dental Implants Affordable?

Teeth replacement solutions like dental implants cost around $ 3000-$ 4000 considering the cost of the surgery for placing the implant and other components, including the crown. Dental insurance companies do not cover cosmetic teeth replacement treatments, and therefore you may receive limited or no help from your dental insurers. However, implants are stable investments, especially if you want to have a permanent replacement solution that will serve you for a lifetime.

After going through this blog, if you have decided not to ignore dental implants, you can schedule an appointment with dental implants in Katy, TX, for an evaluation to determine whether you are suitable for this procedure. You will be pleased with the decision because the replacements will appear and feel natural, making you believe you never lost your natural teeth. As they will remain with you for a lifetime, you will get accustomed to the dental implants and be proud to show off your smile without hesitating.

(Should you shouldn’t you replace your missing teeth? Read this blog to understand the effects of lost teeth to decide in favor of dental implants that appear and feel natural.)

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