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Types of Periodontal Disease Treatment

Types of Periodontal Disease Treatment

Types of Periodontal Disease Treatment

Dentures are among the oral appliances that have been popular even in the past years. Their use in restorative dentistry has been incredible. Many people have regarded dentures near them as tooth replacement solutions for elderly people. However, the narrative has quickly changed, thanks to modern dentistry.

With dentures, you may never have to worry about being embarrassed by the gaps in your mouth. One quick procedure can see to it that your smile is fully restored. The even better news is that even dentures have various alternatives to how you can use them for tooth restoration.

What Are Dentures?

They are a set of artificial teeth held together by a plastic gum-like base. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth in the mouth of patients and restoring their smiles. Even though there are cosmetic benefits to replacing teeth with dentures, they are used to restore the functionality of your mouth.

Many people downplay the importance of dentures, without knowing how incredibly beneficial they are in dentistry. Other than restoring your teeth so you are not toothless, they also help restructure your facial appearance, by giving life to the cheekbones. The aesthetic advantages of dentures go beyond what you can explain.

4 Different Ways Dentures Are Used In Restorative Dentistry

As you would imagine, there are different types of dentures. The differences only exist when it comes to how dentures are made and used in replacing teeth. The common one is:

  1. Full dentures – they feature all types of teeth, to replace all missing teeth. Full dentures in Katy are only used for toothless candidates. Such, are usually older patients who have lost all their teeth due to age. For this reason, complete dentures are what most people think of when they consider dental restorations with dentures. They are the conventional types of dentures, but not the only ones.
  2. Partial dentures – are the alternatives to full dentures. Ideally, partial dentures in Katy only replace few missing teeth. Depending on which part of your mouth needs restoration, the types of teeth featured in a partial denture differs.
  3. Immediate dentures – when you have lost several teeth, you cannot imagine going another day without your teeth. For such cases, immediate dentures are used. These are the dentures that are usually pre-made and available for patients who need a quick fix. This way, as your gums heal, you will already have a set of artificial teeth in your mouth, instead of a gap.
  4. Customized dentures – they are very highly recommended, having that they are customized for your individual needs. When you have lost your teeth, your gums are still sore, and you need some time to heal. As this happens, your customized dentures can be in the process of being manufactured. Your attending dentist gets impressions of your mouth to be used as measurements for creating your dentures. This way, you have a perfect fit for dentures when you are ready. Another advantage of these dentures is that allow you to exercise your preferences in taste. You can pick and choose the materials you would rather be featured in your dentures. This includes picking the material of the gum base and the artificial teeth. You can alps select the shade of color you prefer for the artificial teeth, to meet your aesthetic goals.
  5. Implant-supported dentures – today, these dentures are becoming increasingly popular. Dental implants are metal fixtures made of titanium that are inserted at the base of patients’ jawbones. They act as the replacement for the roots of teeth. When implants are used before dentures are installed, you can rest assured that the dentures will be permanent. Since implants are inserted in your jawbone, they can support your dentures permanently. Implant-supported dentures can be used with either partial or complete dentures. When it comes to complete dentures, the all-on-4 technique is used, so that only 8 dental implants are in your mouth to amply support full dentures.


Dentures have severally proven to be necessary and reliable for teeth replacement. When you have multiple missing teeth, the thought of having an implant or dental bridge replace all your teeth is illogical. It is why dentures are incredibly useful in dental restorations. If you are looking to have your teeth replaced, now you have different options for how dentures can be used to serve this need, without undermining any of your other preferences.

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